Redtop Hub

Redtop Hub

(The checkpoint from human to dwarf lands)

The chief trade route between the human kingdom of Limnmerro and the dwarf nation of Piek winds through the Redtop Mountains. The mountains are also the main source of hematite for both peoples, and the town of Redtop Hub acts as a center for both the trade route as well as surrounding mining camps.

Stat Block

Small Town

Population: Around 2000 – this includes the neighboring mining and quarry camps. The current population of the city proper can vary from 1200 to almost 3000 depending on the season. Around 45% of the population is human (900), 40% is dwarf (800), 10% is elf (200) and the rest is a mix of halfling, gnome, or civilized goblinoid

Government: Conventional – Redtop Hub is led by a single Mayor as voted by the people and officially sanctioned by the Royal Council in the human capitol

Alignment: LN


Redtop Hub is built chiefly from the red stone of the mountains. Wood and thatch are uncommon in the town center, but are slightly more common close to the Mining gate, where a small valley allows for some agriculture and logging. Due to the premium on flat, buildable ground, many buildings have been built up to three or four storeys, as well as featuring deep, multi-level basements in the dwarven style.


The town functions predominantly on the SW-NE street which connects Limnmerro to Piek, and the SE-NW streets which extend out to the mines and quarries of Redtop Hub’s major industry. The town center is in a relatively flat location, where the streets run straight in a vague gridlike pattern radiating away from the town square. As the town roads extend towards the outskirts, they become steep switchbacks upon which smaller town blocks house those nearer the gates.


Redtop Hub finds the most of its activity near its center, where the town square serves as an open-air market most days, as well as a place for would-be mercenaries to petition travelling merchants to hire their swords.

Redtop Hub

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