Episode 1: Enter the Dragon

Redtop Hub

The adventurers find themselves in Redtop Hub, a town of trade and industry in the Redtop Mountains. It serves as a checkpoint from one side of the mountain pass to the other, as well as a center for miners and quarriers working in the nearby camps. There is a lot of work for adventurers in a place like this, besides the general labour or mercantilism. Mercenaries are often hired to accompany trade caravans travelling either towards the dwarf nation of Piek or the human kingdom of Limnmerro. Soldiers are useful in the town and its nearby camps, as orcs, goblins and hobgoblins are sometimes bold enough to raid settlements for food, ore and finished goods.

The day began like any other in Redtop Hub, and now the afternoon sun beats down on the open market in the crowded town square. The noise of the merchants shouting their wares drowns it out at first, but soon the sounds overhead are close enough to silence the crowds, and give way to gasps and screams. By the time a large shadow sweeps over the packed red stone, you can smell it, too: sulfur, and smoke.

A dragon! Never has one been seen in these lands, but it is impossible to mistake. Nearly 20 feet in length, a lithe red drake wheels about in the sky, smokey gouts of flame spitting from its mouth as it decends upon the town. Nearby members of the town guard shout and scramble to assemble a defence as the young dragon lands in the rapidly emptying town square.

Arrows are notched and polearms are leveled but an intense heat cows the cobbled militia. A hot, whirling sorcery ripples the air and twists the form of the dragon – into the form of a slight, beautiful young woman.


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